Good night to you and you,
and especially to you.
The music stops and now the party’s through.
This night has been such fun,
my thanks to every one,
and especially to you.

Sweet dreams to you and you,
and may all your dreams come true.
Tonight I know that I’ll be dreaming too.
For that love song I sang,
that seemed to please the gang,
was especially to you.

Before my eyes at last I’ve seen that someone
we all hope to see.
I realized that when I saw that someone,
I would fall helplessly.

And though it’s time to go,
there’s one thing I hope is so,
that parting is a starting for we two.
I live just for the day,
you’ll give your heart and say,
it’s especially to you.

Nobody Knows:
Nobody knows, nobody cares,
got their eyes closed to
just how mean she treats me.
Nobody knows, nobody cares but me.

I’m sad as can be, for the more I explain,
I’m goin’ insane, it’s all in vain
my trying to convince them,
nobody knows, nobody cares, but me.

All the odds are against me,
I just can’t get no sympathy.

Nobody defends me, ’cause no one believes
that’s she is the kind to be mean, kind to be cruel,
got them all fooled by perfect disposition,
nobody knows, nobody cares but me….

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