FIRST WORLD (for Cheikh Anta Diop) by Haki R. Madhubuti

we were raised on the lower eastside of detroit,
close to harlem, new york, around the block from watts,
next to the Mississippi delta in north america.
unaware of source or history, unaware of reasons,
whys, or beginnings, accepting tarzan and she woman,
accepting kong as king, accepting stanley-livingstone and
europecentric afrika, accepting british novels, French language
and portuguese folktales that devastated afrika’s music &
magic, values and vision, people.

You helped restore memories,
gave us place and time,
positioned us within content and warnings,
centered us for the fire from the
first world:
original at dawn, founder of knowledge, inception. definer.
center of life, initial thinker, earliest, earliest order.
primary and wise, foremost, predominantly black, explainer,
mature pioneer, seer, roundrooted, earthlike, beginning tree, cultivator, sourcegiver, genesis, entrance, tomorrow’s light.
vision, unarguably afrikan……

Reference: Haki Madhubuti

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