HIP HOP CHAZAL by Patricia Smith.

Gotta love
us brown girls, munching on fat, swinging blue hips,

decked out
in shells and splashes, Lawdie, bringing them woo hips.

As the
jukebox teases, watch my sistas throat the heartbreak,

bassline, cracking backbone and singing thru hips.

something boneless, we glide silent, seeping ‘tween floorboards,

around the hims, and ooh wee, clinging like glue hips.

grinding, rotating, smokin’, gotta pull back some.

minds are lost at the mere sight of ringing true hips.

Gotta love
us girls, just struttin’ down Manhattan streets

killing the
menfolk with a dose of that stinging view. Hips.

Crying ’bout
getting old—Patricia, you need to get up off

what God
gave you. Say a prayer and start slinging. Cue hips.

BY Patricia Smith, Copyright 2007

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