HOW I GOT OVAH by Carolyn Rodgers.

i can tell you
about them
i have shaken rivers
out of my eyes
i have waded eyelash deep
have crossed rivers
have shaken the water weed out
of my lungs
have swam for strength
pulled by strength
through waterfalls with electric beats

i have bore the shocks
of water deep deep
waterlogs are my bones
i have shaken the water free of my hair
have kneeled on the banks
and kissed my ancestors of the dirt
whose rich dark root fingers rose up reached out
grabbed and pulled me rocked me cupped me
gentle strong and firm
carried me
made me swim for strength
crossed rivers
though I shivered
was we was cold
and wanted to sink down
and float as water, yea-
i can tell you.
i have shaken rivers
out of my eyes….

Carolyn Rodgers

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