IMBIBING WORD’S WORLD by Deborah C. Um’rani.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart strike a cord of unity in we who shatter moments of silence;
the outlandish desires of a heart filled with chaos.
Who knows, we may touch on real love in two world’s.
Greater lands speak of joy, sorrow, and fulfillment.
We be real as they be censured.

I know who you touch.

I am meta-galaxies stretching beyond doorways to emptiness.
That which I imbibe centers in my soul, moves through my being to impregnate a whole vision of another world apart from anything you refuse to see.
Look within without dark shades of mystery and see friendly inlaid plasmas strung with fellow travelers.

Be your brothers keeper of a world filled with eternal love a soul-fullness which build a bridge to un-gap our minds,
flowing upward in both directions, all at once gliding inward at one time to eternal fellowship with all….