INQUIRY by Ntozake Shange

My questions concern the subject poetry is whatever runs out/ whatever digs my guts til there’s is no space in myself
Cryin wont help/ callin mama wont help lover are detour/ no way to assuage this poem/ but in the words & they are deceitful/ all of you to share me/ & I hide under my bed/

Poetry is unavoidable connection/ some people get married/ others join the Church I carry notebooks/ so I can tell us what happened/ midnight snacks in bed with whoever/ are no compensation/ when I’m listening to multitudes of voices / I consume yr every word & move/

During the day you are initiated in to the holy order of prospective poems/ I dream in yr voice/ sometimes act yr fantasies/ I’ve made them my own/ whatever is here/ is what you’ve given me/ if it’s not enough for you/ give me some more….

Ntozake Shange

Category: Love,