Last Instructions by Garth Tate.

And when I die,
when this old spirit
spurs into God’s
unseen air don’t shed
one tear,
sisters and brothers instead
rejoice with song and prayer;
paint landscapes of heaven
for the eyes of our children
please don’t grieve
my departure, friends
for we shall meet again
in time…

I’ll be watching and waiting
your time…

And hand you real freedom
to wrap around your shoulders
like a magic, marvelous cloak
so, when I cross that river,
don’t get dressed in dark
colors or collapse before
useless coffins or cry
when you could be wishing
me well
please don’t waste words
on endless oratory
and kill several others
with boredom or dolor
when the sun is still shinning golden

just believe that our
span of time is ultimately
god’s piece of time and say
that this time
he was a poet and
this time he was black
and next time there’s just no
telling how he may come

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