My Sistas by Melvin Dallas

I will start at my beginning

From the womb into her arms I began
Born to a Sista in Love with her black man
She had two before me this is the truth
A man-child and a princess made two
She loved us all even the one that was to come
She provided for her Princes’ and princess out of true Love
This sista’s story mirrors many in our society
Battered misunderstood and ignored like a hearts’ beat
She pledged her Love to a man that was to provide
But his provisions were only troubled hearts and tormented minds
In her turmoil she struggled to see a light
She fought with all her might to make things for us right
She is the Doctor with a loving soul
She is the Mother of my brother that now grows old
She is the helper of God when my sprits get low
She is the night light is at dawn near my pillow
She is the sweet caress that gives me peace
She is the lover of hearts something she’s given me

Let me continue on
Her legs were like the brick building she strolled in front of
Fine to the eye was this sista who’s grave was soon to be dug
She blessed the evening with her candy-coated lips
In search of a john now days they call him a trick
Was he the one to finally take away from this shit?
Or was he the one to take her life and leave her in a ditch
Her fear was buried deep inside turned out by the streets
Her body misunderstood it was lost in lure and deceit
Have the streets got our babies?
Have the streets got our gold?
The streets have got our queens
The streets have gotten control
Have the streets got our Sistas spirits?
Do the streets keep a silent code?
The streets are sick with children people
The streets can steal a sista’s Soul

Now to Finish
My eyes my heart my hands all I have given to a woman
I give these things willingly I will not run
I know what is real I know she means
It is my destiny to give her of my self to give of me
I look at the Videos and I listen to streets
I look at My God and wonder what he is doing
Woman created by God of man
Beauty from heaven: please hold my hand
Make Love to me and stroke my conscience
You are my sista in all your loveliness
My sista held me last night when I cried
My sista held me up and said believe in me and in what’s right
My sista is angered when I don’t acknowledge that she is lovely
My sista is original beauty even before the birds and trees
My sista is Gods true gift to the world
My sista is a Poem and sonnet and a pretty little girl
My sister is a song that the clouds sing
My sista is life and death truly to me
My sista is the anointing of God
My sista is the grass pedals of peace my true Love
My Sista is the negotiator of happiness
My sister is the attitude that causes evil men stress
My sista is Loved by me and Men Like me
My sista above all on God’s green earth is the most forgiving.
God Bless You

My Sistas, Copyright ©2001 M. Dallas

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