OLLIE by Clementine Pigford

They say you were a farmer,

I never heard your voice,

I heard you were the oldest child,

Did you ever have a choice?

Did you ever have a choice to say, “I want to be a girl?”

Did you ever have a choice to say, “I want to see the world?”


You lost a son named Warren,

Who helped you find your way?

You came home to your parents,

To spend those final days.


I hope that in your youth-filled days,

Your life was not too tough,

I close my eyes and think sometimes,

Were you able to say, “Enough?”


You gave us our dear mother,

She’s been a card or two,

We thank you for your gift to us,

She’s been good through and through.


We wish you could have known her,

She didn’t want to leave,

She even tried to kick and scream,

She held on to your sleeve.


You never had a chance to say,

Now, don’t skin-up your knees,

And watch out for that water well,

Now, don’t get dirty, please!


Move away from those bushes!

Wash up before you eat,

Don’t forget to feed the chickens,

Now, Helen, be real sweet.


They say you were a farmer,

Where did you plow and till?

Did you want to be a princess?

And walk around in heels.


Did you want to be a lovely queen?

And command the land and sea?

I hope you found your solace,

I trust you’re well and free!


I won’t ask many questions,

I promise not to stare,

Just remember my reactions,

Mean love so sweet and rare.


They say you were a farmer,

Did you ever want to dance?

Did you ever want to flip your skirt?

And toss your hair and prance?


Who helped you morn your deepest loss?

Who helped you bear your pain?

Who helped you say, “Farewell, dear ones?”

To Warren, Helen, and Frank.


We have one thing in common

A man who lives above

He lives right in our hearts and souls

He fills us with His love!


I make myself a promise

If God will grant me one,

I’ll see you up in Heaven,

I’ll sit with you and sun.


They say you were a farmer,

Was your work too much, too hard

I wish I could help you NOW,

I would never, ever leave or part.

Copyright 2015 by Clementine Pigford

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