ONION BUCKET by Lorenzo Thomas.

All silence says music will follow
No one acts under any compulsion
Your story so striking and remain unspoken
Floods in the mind. Each one trying now
To instigate the flutter of light in your
Ear. The voice needling the flashy token
Your presence in some room disguised
As the summer of the leaves. Hilltops
Held by the soft words of the running
Wind. What lie do you need more than this
The normal passion. And each thing says
Destroy one another or die. Like a natural
Introducing here on this plant to Europe
The natural. A piece of furniture, smell
Taste some connection to your earth and
“Realize” nothing more than you need
another view nothing more than you need yourself
or that is beautiful. Or your luck that speaks.
Or the streets. Above. The sky worried
Into its own song. Solid rhythm. She stays
Too close for a letter, scared of a telegram
The finger drum express. Impatient blues.
Anxious blues. Her chemical song loud and
Bright in this dimension. This is the world.
The vegetables are walking…

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