PARTY FOR YOUR RIGHT TO FIGHT by Public Enemy (Ridenhour/Shocklee/Sadler).

Power Equality
And we’re out to get it
I know some of you ain’t wit’it
This party started right in ’66
With a pro-word black radical mix
Then at the hour of twelve
Some force cut the power
And emerged from hell
It was your so called government That made this occur
Like the grafted devils they were

J. Edgar Hoover, and he coulda’ proved to ya’
He had King and X set up
Also the party with Newton, Cleaver and Seale
He ended-so get up
Time to get ’em back-You got it
Get back on the track-You got it
Word from the honorable Elijah Muhammad
Know who you are to be Black

To those that disagree, it causes static
For the original Black Asiatic man
Cream of the earth
And was here first
And some devils prevent this from being known
But you check out the books they own
Even masons they know it
But refuse to show it-Yo
But it’s proven and fact
And it takes a nation of millions to hold us back…..

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