QUEST by Naomi Long Madgett.

I will track you down the years,
Down the night,
Till my anguish falls away,
Stat by star,
And my heart spreads flaming wings
Where you are.

I will find you, never fear-
Make you mine.
Think that you have bound me fast
To the earth?
I will rise to sing you yet,
Song of mirth.

I will let you think you won,
Perfect dream,
Till I creep from dark and toil
To your side,
Hold you to my heart and sleep,

I will track you down the sky,
Down the blue,
Till my song becomes the sun
Of the years
And the golden April rains
Are my tears…

From Star by Star, copyright 1965, reprinted by permission.

Naomi Long Madgett

Category: Love,