ROYAL, by Leslé Honoré

No matter how gentle the Black

How light the skin

How gorgeous the face

How talented the soul

How pure the intentions

They will not protect us

No matter how innocent the life

How secure the birthright

Titles will be stripped

And babies tossed to wolves

Because of a fear of Black skin

They will let a woman drown

In their lies

They will let the darkness

Swallow her

See her reach out for help

And not only turn their backs

But crush her fingers beneath their feet

With hopes she will plummet off the cliff

The why is obvious

The why is consistent

The why is always the same


They want her suffering

Because Blackness

Because she was breathing

While Black

Because her Light

Outshines the white

With her Blackness

They will turn their backs

On their own

Stop taking calls from their


Because of Blackness

And what else should we expect

From the birth place

Of white supremacy

The birth place of slavery

The birth place of the patriarchy

The soul of colonialism


What else should we expect

From a lineage of resilience

Of beauty

Of strength

Of everlasting hope

Her bounce back

Her reboot

Her survival

Catch this #BlackGirlMagic

Catch this brilliance

Catch this happy

Catch this radiance

That not even 1200 years of hate

Can kill

Catch this liberation

Catch this revolution

This World Woman

This Global Majority

Catch all of this



She doesn’t need your titles

She has always been a Queen

Copywrite 2021, Leslé Honoré

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