SEE by Malik Yusef.

See the hug from them babies without daddy’s and whoopings for teenagers with cell phones and pagers who take there last ride in Hurst caddies,
see this be flow for themselves, this be Amen’s for mothers who send their babies to college ’cause they couldn’t go for themselves and this be a “lay your head on my shoulders” to sisters that say the world gets colder that wanna work but ain’t got nobody to babysit,
see this be a “how can I help you brother? For those who have to hustle for everything they baby get,
see this be an apology to our elders from those who got there snotty nose blowed, but not just get blowed, disrespect there elders while in pimp mode,
see this be an escape route for sisters that wanna get out but can’t quite get away from him who finna put it cause her and her church done tried to pray for him and see this be a “we on our way” for them who won’t soon again taste freedom that beg for they fam to bring seeds to come see them,
see this be a warm blanket and socks for children who parents cop rocks and that are forced to sleep on streets where it’s so cold that they can’t feel they feets and see this be hope for them that experience pain and sorrow and sight for those who can’t “see no” tomorrow…

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