SHHHHHH… by James

SHHHhhhamed. I have been shamed by a shaded past, shackled with cool shadows that shiver the soul…my soul feels shaky. I am but a child, yet my bones are aching with sharp pains of regret and misery.

I did not create “them”. I was forced to intake “them”. With every pulsation, my heart aches for “them”…”them” being my memories. Everyone is concerned about his story, while my story remains a mystery. Initially, my mental peace was left puzzled, because my voice was left muzzled by this democracy.

Essentially, spiritual messages are now sent to me from my ancient family. A family that ties to me and the heavens angelically. Through whispers of meditation they speak to me, revealing that it is meant for me to once again shine. Shine like Kings and Queens of yestertimes.

So shine I will. Despite my journey being struggled, I will shine. Warring out of the darkness and through the frigid winds of choice, I will shine.

Using my shimmering shield of love, I will shift and shatter my once shambled showcase, showing grace when I show my face, shouting peace with my once shy and timid voice, so I, so we can SHHHhhhine!!!!

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