THE BLACK CHRIST (to bible reading Eskimos). by Haki R. Madhubuti.

without a doubt
rome did the whi
te thing when it
killed christ.
It has been proven
that j.c. was non-whi
te in the darkest
way possible black ink on whi
te paper
from the west
ern cowBoys with two guns & music
written on paper with
black lines.
it makes mary in-
too a first class
john the bas
tard on
ly got people
the cat
holic church cried
all the way to the
bank. most of the priest
are still in the
left the pope in
a soup line on st.
paul’s day sold his
gold filled teeth
to a smiling jew
riding on a black
moses was hanged
in effigy by
smiling negroes
tearing up the
first commandment
judas became the
hero of the west
ern world & nick
named it lady bird
she got it from
a cat names parker
she ain’t been
right sense
all the negro
preachers are driv
ing volkswagens & back
in night high school taking black speech
& black history
off one god
can’t get hooked
on another elijah negro & whi
te cops riding
each other in
dark ghettos
negro cops with
naturals & whi
te minded negroes
with natural wigs more whi
te people read
ing fanon than
they know
all in sun try
ing to get black
man tan ain’t
gone ta get it
you can’t hide
tomorrow is here
history repeats
itself ask
st. malcom
all because j.c.
was a nigger
the only things
that didn’t change
were his
the world’s best
had sold out……….

Haki Madhubuti

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