The Copestedics Song by Charles Honi Coles and Paul Branker

When you feel blue,

the best thing to do

is tell yourself to forget it.

Laugh your cares away

Tomorrow’s another day

And Everything will be Copasetic.

Never look down

Chin up and don’t frown.

Don’t let life get pathetic.

Life’s a funny thing

It’s really great when you sing,

And Everything will be Copasetic.

Greet your fellow man

With a wide open hand,

Make your neighbor’s burden lighter.

A friendly hello everywhere that you go

Is bound to make your day much brighter.

When you feel sad

Pretend that you’re glad

Smile and you won’t regret it.

Show a happy face

To the whole human race,

And Everything will be Copasetic.

Charles Honi Coles

[Source: Constance Valis Hill, Tap Dancing America, A Cultural History (2010), David Hajdu, Lush Life, A Biography of Billy Strayhorn (1996)]

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