The Red
for the death to life leaps of the Middle Passage
for the Freedom-flames of our fathers Gabriel and Nat
for the contraband: Harriet Tubman-brave
for the Blues-glue binding our battered souls
For Billy and the Strange Fruit hanging from the hate
for Nina and the children leaning, leaning for love
For the Red of our Passion and Revenge.

The Black
for the Brothers resurrected from the Nod.
for the Sisters reborn from the Trick
for the rebellions: dress rehearsals for the funeral of ofays
for the Afro-crowned Foxes Bustin fourth Everywhere
for the continuance of chittlins and death to the pig!
for the Jennie Lou and Junebug for surviving
for the Magicians with their Ju-Ju and Mojo growing warriors in the soil of our Souls
for the Black of our bodies poised in the Unity of Liberation.

The Green
for our land called America, Africa, Caribbean
for our Earth-good-after the white plague-like before
for our Nommowaters flowing in the lovedance creating our futures
for our laughter of colors against our oppression
for our parents birthing us into the War for Humanity
for Coltanism, leonpolis and Pharaoh for deepening our Spiritual Unity
for Garvey, Campos and Che and Dessalines who touch us and guide us through the ancestoral chants of Rhythm and Blues
for the Black Kingdom and the Powers and the Glory of Black People
For All Praises Are Due To The Blackman
for Peace Forever….

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