THE STAIRCASE by Samuel Allen.

The stairs mount to his eternity
the rotted floor, the dripping faucet
all now abide within him,
the cracked ceiling, the rusted bed in his dark squalid chamber
abide with him now
in the hour that is upon him.
The balance is tenuous
as his twin comes running after
the infant he let unprotected go
-the hail of steel, stopped for a moment, lurks in the shadows.
The staircase turns and panting turns
the completely vile woman assails him
throwing livid screams from her den
far up the dark filthy hallway
until she hears the twin come running after
and falls sobbing and senseless to her knees.
A massive form stood out against the sky.
Come down, Death, come!
Take me away.

The hail of steel begins
the twin goes exalted to his worms
hail cried ‘hail’…..

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