UNCLE RUFUS by Melvin B. Tolson.

The Harlem Advocate fell between his legs.
The story was incredible!
Taking off his glasses,
Uncle Rufus rubbed the lenses and thought…though.

Yes, his son had always been a prodigal son,
Drinking home brew and chasing sin-loving women
And staying away from church at revival times.

Then he had gone to Selma, Alabama,
With that Blackwood woman
Who had lived with a dozen different sweet men.

The Harlem Advocate said
Eddie had cut up the Blackwood woman in a dance hall;
And when the jury had found him guilty
He’d struck a prosecuting attorney in the jaw;
And it had taken the jurors and a deputy sheriff
To pin him to the floor and handcuff him.

Uncle Rufus bowed his head and groaned.
He remembered now that people used to say
Eddie was a little off…a little off.

“De boy musta been crazy,” Uncle Rufus mused aloud,
“Yes, he musta been crazy…
Him hittin’ a white lawyah
In a white man’s courthouse,
Befor’ a white jedge an’ a white jury
Down in Alabama”……

Melvin Tolson

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