WE HAVE BEEN SEEN by Kalamuya Salaam.

we have been seen
flying graciously through the air a foot here
the left hard titty of some brother’s
chest there slowing arching away across far eastern smoke strewn skies chunks of charred well done black meat winging high like black crows crossing the sun

we have been seen
flaming in the night juices of our manhood frying,
popping like sausage in our dangling veins strung out from trees
for flies to play on and race circling around
the remnants of our burnt heads

we have been seen
crippled crazy bowlegged and
lame hopping and pushing our bodies across this jagged land scape
like brokeleg jackrabbits in frightened flight
trying to escape a swift falling eagle’s claws

we have been seen
our bodies scarred by war
mutilated by men who were but murdering machines
twisted by certain Christian cogs of an alleged perfect system
gone awry in overdrive

we have been seen
and not seen observed and yet
un recognized all our lives
in africa scars on a man’s body are tribal tattoos,
tribute to is manliness in America they are but signs
that he has somehow survived this war…..

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