YOUnited we stand, YOUnited we phall, but you steel phall 2 your knees 2 Live because you are afraid 2 make a stand Like Hodges, 2 give yourself, phamily, and community tha opportunity for rebirth in self you refuse 2 draw tha chalk line around self, wanting more worldly wealth, I am tha brother Like stealth 2 be tha sakrafice of tha BLAKMAN’s double destiny goin’ into tha twenty-phirst century 2 awaken every BLAKMAN and BLAKWOMAN in tha world.

I am, YOU are tha BLAK pearl that has withstood that pressures phrom amerikkka at tha bottom of tha sea, phrom Oregon 2 tha sea in D.C. of BLAKMEN in ninety-five it was LIve…steel I rise, I rise, I rise. Phrom tha ocean, Like tha sun in tha east we must pheast upon tha belly of the phish phrom tha dish of information and technology in amerikkka is 2 set ya’, phriends klose and your foes kloser because he or she is your best Lesson, YOU, BLAKMAN in amerikkka is tha blessin’ 2 give Life 2 every BLAKMAN and BLAKWOMAN in tha world of richness of self…..

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