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Street Team HD in HD

Street Team® HD in HD is part of a growing group of programs created for young people by young people. HD in HD is designed have youth share American history through a weekly challenge.  From 4th grade through High School youth; they research the content create a short script and read their findings on camera.  Together we then publish it from here to the world.



HD in HD Benefits, Jon Gershberg

Street Team HD in HD

Jonathan’s testimony above is about HD in HD (History Day in High Definition), he co-produced our Street Team program.  HD in HD is youth in videos asking a history question about America.   In 2019, all correct answers will be drawn from to win a gift card for music, literature or media from participating sponsors or retailers.  We travel the country recording youth asking these interesting questions. We are excited to create another HD in HD Challenge.

  • Features: Accessible Learning Through video clips, youth from all over the country have asked factual questions about America’s Black experience. HD in HD is an engaging, interactive space for ALL students & learners to show their knowledge.
  1. Broader American stories to discover and learn from
  2. Awards for timely competence
  3. Give youth a voice
  • Impact:  Interactive education with acclaim for timely study (winning)!
  • Benefits:  HD in HD is a constant consistent educational opportunity. Youth stimulate Registry visitors to improve their reading and research skills. This is done through a vast interest area and their investigative abilities.

HD in HD’s Purpose: To have young people offer repeated access to information research online through a 1 minute quiz through video.

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