A 2018 NAPPID Day Question

Tue, 01.30.2018

A 2018 NAPPID Day Question

Conceived in 1995, NAAPID stands for National African American Parent Involvement Day. Inspired by the Million Man March, it was created to encourage black parents to begin practicing the goals of NAAPID; there are several initiatives built into this. Promote African American parent involvement in their child's education, provide strategies for African American parents, Identify and develop partnership efforts for children.  

NAPPID was built to create a national network on state and local levels to achieve their mission and develop fund-raising strategies and put them into effect to finance their endeavors by educational workshops, seminars, and institutes relating to parental involvement and eliminating the achievement gap. Perhaps I may be in error, but I could not find their address. It was established as an annual National African American Parent Involvement Day celebration on the second Monday in February.

My classroom visits this century have brought on questions from other racial communities. Some have been, are my parents not invited to come because they’re not African American?

I read that it was formed by a gentleman from Michigan where are the national NAAPID headquarters? We did find this phone number (800) 351-4097 and an email, dulin@aaps.k12.mi.us that was not open.  If anyone can share information on how the organization is progressing with these goals over the last 20 years, please contact African American Registry.

by B. Mchie