African American History Curriculum

Mon, 08.23.2021

African American History Curriculum

Last year’s 2020 census findings officially confirmed to America that the population shift has begun to favor racial diversity in citizenship. This takes the twisted narrative of fearing the 1619 project and other similar syllabuses to hopefully support their value. This is also revealed in the classroom work of African American Registry, represented in our Teacher’s Forum subscription service. This combination of culturally relevant content and matching pedagogy is a perfect supplement for America’s current K-12 standards. The philosophy behind this work is divided into preschool, K-6, middle school, and high school

African American History Curriculum used in preschool and K-6 is effective because it allows very young children to repeatedly see themselves and others through mirrors and windows. Over 75% of the intelligence of children is developed in preschool. Our content used at that age is best children instinctively tell their parents what they learned, and together it makes for a well-balanced child. Repeating examples of this content daily is important. 

Our lesson plans are built to match or exceed existing standards and core areas. We are not a theory, critical race, or otherwise, our over 5,000 articles are based on facts. We are the answer to a vitamin-deficient curriculum that neglects or omits nonwhite people, locations, and episodes. Because the mind works the same as the stomach, the Teacher’s Forum is a great supplement for what is today's curriculum nutritionally lacks.  

African American History Curriculum for middle school is better because at that age (puberty, etc.) students think they know everything and want to know everything. Our classroom support tools include onsite or zoom classroom support, video tutorials for navigating our media, articles, social media, and more. The global perspective is another characteristic of our work because all articles translate into 52 different languages. Career choice is not overlooked by the Teacher’s Forum with our US Dept. of Labor reference to guide students vocationally.  

African American History Curriculum for high school is valuable as a way of polishing and preparation a student for young adulthood.  The effectiveness of our classroom support is constant.  Another part of our philosophy includes subject intersectionality. We begin with African America because facts show that that community has measured up comparatively to white America in more areas than any other nonwhite community. We present facts with people, locations, and episodes of native America, immigrants, Asians, Latino, and whites that intersect with black in articles, and media. 

Whether a licensed teacher or a teacher candidate in post-secondary our service is ideal for preparing the young minds and hearts of America’s future. 

by Ben Mchie