The Feel Good Matrix of Black Panther (the film)

Thu, 03.29.2018

The Feel Good Matrix of Black Panther (the film)

The 2018 movie Black Panther has exceeded many expectations, gross revenue, critical acclaim, symbolism, millennial attention, pride, etc.; I’ve seen it twice. My adult son enjoyed it and I think all viewers agree that the story, graphics, imagination, ethnic representation, moral of the story were special.

With so much fanfare, I sigh a bit over the lack of “Call to Action” in most responses. 

I’m still looking for another “Mayflower of Liberia” or gift from the movie's gross revenue to the BPP (maybe the latter is happening). At this writing, the movie had brought in about 650 million dollars.

Perhaps my impatience from being over 65 is showing, I merely want what I think is best for African America. Action means taking a more rightful place in the United States as first-class citizens. 

Feeling good by itself is a matrix that disguises our racial realities in this country. Stephon Clark may have not seen the movie and if so won’t be able to. 

We have our version of Vibranium in the money that hard-working black people have acquired, we can invest it more effectively. To do so, more of us must put aside feeling good and stay woke about the work that remains unfinished. 

B. Mchie