We are honored for the support from so many people. Below are people just like you who’ve been an Individual Donor to the African American Registry!


Emancipation: $25.00
Kerry Jordan:  In Memory of Johnny Wiley – Grandfather
Clementine Pigford
Stephany Maxey
Carolyn Holbrook
Rose Harper:  I appreciate what you do to tell our stories

Reconstruction:  $50.00
Anthony McHie & Family
Nancy Helfrich:  In memory of Nancy Peterson
Marybelle Moore:  In Honor of Bill Strong
Pamela Marcus:  In Honor of Beneta McHie
Reginald Shaver: In honor of Althea L. Shaver (mother)
Peter J. Rachleff
Marcheta Mimes:  In honor of Dorothy Hall McFarland
Sheldon Erickson, Chester McCoy
Linda D. Herron:  Thanks for your work with North Campus Adult Education students
Marcey & Norman Mastbaum:  In Honor of the work of the Registry

Desegregation:  $100.00
Central High School (Minneapolis) Class of 1966: To Help Enrich the Lives Of Children And Community
Ann Weldon: In Memory of all Black Inventors
Julie & Maury Landsman
Annette Nettie Kay Smith
Linda Herron:  Gift made on behalf of Linda and Dale Herron
Rich Ferguson
Reginald Shaver
Steve and Kristine Heckler
Sandra Murphy

Civil Rights:  $500.00
Paulette Giron:  In memory of her father Joe
Gudrun Gates
Randolph Fisher:  In Memory of Jacob Ricks Jr and Sr.
Chuck Preston

Full Equality:  $1,000.00
Michele D. Fisher:  In Honor of Michael Rogers, a true Liberator
Peri N Urvek:  In Memory of of my father George W. DeWell
Chuck Preston
Maria Nhambu