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Thu, 24.09.2009

THRIFT by Cornelius Eady

What happens when an old black man,
Toothless and raggedy,
Walks into a bank, catches
Some young, white, middle-manager’s ear
With a slurred tale of coins
Hoarded from his wife and kids
(Who would only have spent them),
Leftovers from various hits
On the numbers, plus
God knows how many
Easy deceptions.

If you were this man, what
Would you do with this true believer
Who has walked through the door
Of your bank, fired up
With what he has pulled off,
Knowing that on some non-verbal level
He has encoded you
(Or someone like you)

As kindred, that only you
(Or someone like y

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Thu, 24.09.2009


Would she have been a person with a completely different outlook on life?
There are times when I visit her and find her settled on a chair in our dilapidated house.
The neighborhood crazy lady, doing what the neighborhood crazy lady is supposed to do, which is absolutely nothing.

And I wonder as we talk our sympathetic talk, abandoned in easy dialogue, I, the son of the crazy lady, Who crosses easily into her point of view.
As if yawning or taking off an overcoat.

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Thu, 24.09.2009

RADIO by Cornelius Eady.

There is the woman
Who will not listen
To music.

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We will be no generashuns to cum for blks r killing r-selves did u hear bros. Did you hear the killings did u hear the sounds of the... UNTITLED (a commemoration of the blk/family) by Johari Amini.
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