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Thu, 24.09.2009


Where have you gone
with your confident walk
with your crooked smile
why did you leave me
when you took your laughter
and departed are you aware
that with you went the sun
all light and what few stars there were?

Where have you gone
with your confident walk
your crooked smile
the rent money in one pocket
and my heart in another….

Copyright February 1967 by Mari Evans.

Mari Evans

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Thu, 24.09.2009

THE WRITERS by Mari Evans.

Where did they go the writers?
chest pulsing under kente clothThe
Word clenched in sweaty fist
Strength so awesome none approached
without a questioning, a quickering
“Am I incorrect?” “Oh tell me, brother!

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Thu, 24.09.2009

I AM A BLACK WOMAN by Mari Evans.

I am a black woman
music of my song
Some sweet arpeggio of tears
is written in minor key
And I
can be heard humming in the night
Can be heard
In the night
I saw my mate leap screaming to the sea
And i/with these hands/cupped the life-breath
From my issue I the canebrake
I lost Nat’s swinging body in the rain of tears
and heard my son scream all the way from Anzio
for Peace he never knew….I
learned Da Nang and Pork Chop Hill
in anguish
Now my nostrils know the gas
and these trigger tired/fingers
seek the softness in my warrior’s beard…

I am a black woman

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