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Thu, 24.09.2009

HIGH ON THE HOG by Julia Fields.

Take my share of Soul Food-I do not wish
To taste of pig Of either gut or Grunt from bowel Or jowel
I want caviar Shrimp scouffle’ Sherry Champagne and not because
These are the Whites domain but just because I’m entitles-
For I’ve been V.d.’d enough T.b.’d enough and Hoe-cake fed
Knock-knee’d enough Spindly leg-bloodhound tree’d enough
To eat High on the Hog

I’ve been Hired last Fired first enough I’ve sugar-watered my Thirst enough-
Been lynched enough Slaved enough Cried enough Died enough
Been deprived-Have survived enough
To eat High on the Hog

Keep the black-eyed peas

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Thu, 24.09.2009

TREES by Julia Fields.

some trees, standing in groves
have people inside them holding
some trees have people locked
and braced in love.
a pine tree is a gigolo-
notice the scent-always the best
the best sheen of green shirt,
the tallest, straightest back,
the gentlest arms.

and do not even speak of oaks.
they know the game, get better
and better and better at it .
they are the rugged type, born rough
and with no tender shoots.
they stand alone, majestic, and
are of the order of warriors.

a weeping willow minces.

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