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Thu, 24.09.2009

TO JOSH GIBSON (legendary slugger of the old Negro baseball league) by George Mosby Jr.

Black knight with thor’s hammer in your bat.
I’ve heard how you blasted the hell out of bullets from the rifle of satch and the likes.
If grandpa still breathed he’d swear that the blood in his flesh should freeze if he were lying saying “old Josh now that was the biggest damn bat that ever lived,” smiling all the while in his profession.
He’d swear that ever when the babe reigned he sat on the throne. 200 homers (and some) a smaller king than you black knight with thor’s hammer in your bat.
And it’s testimony that grandpa’s tongue was pure like the serenade of a wooded stream…

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Killing us one by one, in one way or another America will find a way to eliminate the problem One by one, the problem is the troubles in the black... WORDS OF WISDOM by Tupac Shakur.
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