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Thu, 24.09.2009


Britannia’s isles proclaim that freedom is their theme; And we do view those honored lands With soul-delighting mien.

And unto those they held in gloom, Gave ev’ry one their right; They did distain fell slavery’s shade, And trust in freedom’s light.

Then unto ev’ry British blood, their noble worth revere, And think them ever noble men, And like them hence appear.

And when on Britain’s isles remote We’re then in freedom’s bounds, And while we stand on British ground, “You’re free-you’re free!” resounds.

Lift ye that country’s banner high, And may it nobly wave, Until beneath the az

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There is a tree, by day, That, at night, Has a shadow, A hand huge and black, With fingers long and black, All through the dark, Against the white man's house, In the little wind, The black... TENEBRIS by Angelina weld Grimke’.
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