The Kings EGD by Brandon Turner

I needed you in love hopefully grading on to what we had unjustly you fleet abnormal in just finished of what is love conjunction,Bleeding form are love force on attached by are father’s graced by the idea and govern of power they looked in fear and enjoyment shamed for their adroitly,

We looked in are eyes as you asked if it was real I just beat the words from my mouth crying my words forcefully we love both men and women you strongly loved in a woman I couldn’t get such devotion to one of the two it never came in a day but many that I never doubted tell my mother disgrace you loved to see in doubt and now undoubted fighting it for what we feel is normally is not yours, You try more feeling the same solution and yet you cry and beg yet I cry to get your undivided love as a brother as a gamer as a friend it’s not god that stop me it’s what I want are loving to be in the since of godliness.

He cries not for are incest but for are communicate of protestation in our minds we aroused,School is what we forced down are trivial honor for David for you to be in his court for me is for your existence I try not to cry if I fail you must do the same as of I you must evaluate your options and choice, You’re lucky never touched they desiccative muddily course to love on the spot of preparation of gashes blanked in inner fears joyed in immurement please don’t make me see you this way go and love the ones that engage in your simplistic act of enjoyment,

One more try not to leaded on are ways are endgame is to let all love but to love all not in the thought of sex we jump without hesitation only hurting those with preparations of man for God.

Copyright © Brandon Turner, Posted 2018

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