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Wed, 16.10.2019

A ‘Safe Place’, the White Rose Home for Colored Working Girls

*On this date in 1897, the White Rose Home for Colored Working Girls was founded.   Also known as the White Rose Mission and the White Rose Industrial Association, it was created as a “Christian, nonsectarian Home for Colored Girls and Women” by black civic leaders, Victoria Earle Matthews and Maritcha Remond Lyons. The settlement house, located on Manhattan’s Upper West side […]

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Sat, 12.10.2019

Maritcha Remond Lyons born

*Maritcha Remond Lyons was born on this date in 1848.  She was an African American educator, civic leader, suffragist, and public speaker in New York City and Brooklyn, New York. She taught in public schools in Brooklyn and was the second black woman to serve in their system as an assistant principal.   She was born at 144 Centre Street in New York […]

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Tue, 01.10.2019

Educations Importance, Are Black Students Harder To Teach, Mary K. Boyd

Retired classroom educator, administrator and education advocate Mary K. Boyd shares the importance of education and the myth of the black student

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Mon, 23.09.2019

My Favorite Book, A Second Career, Pam Grier

Actress, Author, Animal Advocate Pam Grier shares one of her favorite books and a second career

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Thu, 05.09.2019

My Favorite Books, Katie McWatt

Activist and Administrator Katie McWatt shares a few of her favorite Books

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Mon, 29.07.2019

Reggie Forte, an original Black Panther born

*Reggie Forte was born on this date in 1949.  He was an African American civil rights activist and one of the founding members of the Black Panther Party. Forte was born in Birmingham, Alabama to Leavy II and Helen (Demand) Forte, he had two brothers, Sherwin and Leavy III.  At the age of ten, his family relocated to Emeryville, California in 1959 and […]

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Mon, 22.07.2019

George Padmore, Pan-Africanist born

*George Padmore was born on this date in 1903.  He was Afro-Caribbean Pan-Africanist, journalist, and author.   Malcolm Ivan Meredith Nurse, better known by his penname George Padmore, was born in the Arouca District, Tacarigua, Trinidad, of the British West Indies. His paternal great-grandfather was an Asante warrior who was taken prisoner and sold into slavery at Barbados, where his grandfather was born.  His father, James Hubert Alfonso Nurse, […]

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Tue, 25.06.2019

Marsha P. Johnson, LGBT pioneer born

*Marsha P. Johnson was born on this date in 1945.  She was an African American LGBT liberation activist, entertainer and self-identified drag queen.  Johnson was born Malcolm Michaels Jr. in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She had six siblings and her father, Malcolm Michaels Sr., was an assembly line worker at General Motors while her mother, Alberta Claiborne, was a housekeeper. Johnson attended an African Methodist Episcopal […]

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Wed, 05.06.2019

Prince Hall born

*Prince Hall was born (circa) on this date in 1748. He was a preacher, administrator, mason and businessman.   From Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies Prince Hall was free born black. His father, Thomas Prince Hall, was a white Englishman and his mother a free black French woman. In 1765, at the age of 17, he worked […]

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Tue, 14.05.2019

Black Love, Hollis Watkins

Mississippi Civil Rights pioneer and administrator Hollis Watkins shares some views on what he enjoys about the African American community

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New Poem Each Day

Poetry Corner

What happens when an old black man, Toothless and raggedy, Walks into a bank, catches Some young, white, middle-manager's ear With a slurred tale of coins Hoarded from his wife and kids (Who would only... THRIFT by Cornelius Eady
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