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Tue, 18.01.2022

American Racism, Asian Hate, David Mura

David Mura is a Japanese American author, literary critic, and educator. In this segment, he shares viewpoints of nonwhite racial identity through personal experience.

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Sat, 01.01.2022

Black Love, Black Critique, Seimone Augustus

Seimone Augustus Is a former WNBA basketball player and current coach. In this segment, she shares her love and desires for the black community.

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Wed, 15.12.2021

Parenting Treasures, Alan Page

Alan Page is a retired judge, professional athlete, and education advocate. In this segment, he shares reasons his parenting benefits are ongoing.

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Tue, 14.12.2021

John A. Lomax, Musicologist born

*John Lomax was born on this date in 1867. He was a white-American teacher, musicologist, and folklorist who did much to preserve American folk music. The Lomax family originally came from England with William Lomax, who settled in Rockingham County in “the colony of North Carolina.” John Avery Lomax was born in Goodman in Holmes […]

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Fri, 10.12.2021

The Preservation Hall (New Orleans), Opens

*On this date in 1961, The Preservation Hall was founded. This is an American jazz venue in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. The building is associated with a house band, a record label, and a non-profit foundation. Regarding its location history, Antoine Faisendieu bought the lot from Guillermo Gros in 1803 and built a tavern, […]

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Thu, 02.12.2021

A Future Without Harm, Javon Shabazz

Javon Shabazz is an administrator and activist. In this segment he shares his vision for the black community without the harm of racism.

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Sun, 28.11.2021

Zambo (the word), a definition

*Zambo (the word) is affirmed on this date in 1500. Zambo is a racial term historically used in the colonies of the Americas. It is a Spanish and Portuguese expression referring to people of mixed Indigenous and African ancestry. Occasionally in the 21st century, the term is used in the Americas to refer to persons of mixed […]

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Sat, 27.11.2021

Lobo (the word), a definition

*On this date in 1600, we affirm Lobo (the word). The word Lobo is a racial categorical term from the Spanish colonial era in the Americas. It refers to mixed-race lineage, far down the racial hierarchy created by the Spanish colonial regime.  Lobo and coyote are derogatory names for persons of mixed race, referred to by animal names. It […]

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Mon, 15.11.2021

Career Advice in Chemical Dependency Administration, Dr. Peter Hayden

Dr. Peter Hayden is an administrator for family consumer services. In this segment, he shares career advice in social and family management.

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Tue, 19.10.2021

My Childhood Memory Of Racism In Brazil, Juliana Ramos

Juliana Ramos is an Afro Brazilian public policy advocate. In this segment, she shares an uncomfortable racial episode in a shopping mall

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New Poem Each Day

Poetry Corner

The first thing you do is to forget that i’m Black.Second, you must never forget that i’m Black. You should be able to dig Aretha,but don’t play her every... FOR THE WHITE PERSON WHO WANTS TO KNOW HOW TO BE MY FRIEND by Pat Parker
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