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Wed, 01.05.2024

Black Love, Black Critique, Lydia Wardlaw-Brown

Lydia Warlaw-Brown is a retired Sculptor. In this segment, she shares why she loves her Black community and what she wants to add.

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Tue, 16.04.2024

Walter Goodwin Jr., Growing up as both African and Indigenous American

Walter Goodwin Jr. is a college advisor. In this segment, he shares his experiences growing up as an African and Indigenous Native American.

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Wed, 10.04.2024

Black History and Easter Sunday, a story

*Black history and Easter Sunday are affirmed on this date in 0189 AD.  The Easter holiday is a special time for Christians globally, but for Black people, it’s also a time with deep connections to Black history. Here are a few interesting facts about these connections. Easter’s Origins: While Easter is a mashup of Jewish and […]

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Wed, 10.04.2024

Roman Africans, a story

*Roman Africans are affirmed on this date in 800 BCE. The Roman Africans or African Romans were the ancient populations of Roman North Africa that had a Romanized culture, some of whom spoke a variety of Latin. They existed from the Roman conquest until their language gradually faded after the Arab conquest of North Africa […]

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Mon, 01.04.2024

Black Love, Black Critique, Dr. Cheryl Chatman

Dr. Cheryl Chatman is an educator, administrator (Dean), and community activist. In this segment, she shares her personal and professional views of love for the African American community and what she would like to see more from the African American community.

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Fri, 01.03.2024

Ghanian Love, Ghanaian Critique, Goldine Graham

Goldine Kweku Graham is a Ghanaian college student. In this segment, he shares the status of the Pan-African curriculum and a millennial viewpoint of how business and politics adversely affect Ghanaian progress.

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Sun, 19.11.2023

A Childhood Memory, Marcus Almon

Marcus Almon is a criminal lawyer and community activist. In this segment, he shares a childhood memory of spiritual growth and discipline.

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Mon, 16.10.2023

African and African American Similarities and Differences, Kwame McDonald

Kwame McDonald was an author, activist, and newspaper reporter. In this segment, he shares his narrative of being African American and comments on African immigrants in America.

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Tue, 12.09.2023

The Mississippi State Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, Inc. Begins

*The Mississippi State Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, Inc. (MSFCWC) is celebrated on this date in 1903. MSFCWC is an African American women’s club located in Mississippi. Educators Ursula J. Wade Foster, Mattie F. Rowan, and Lizzie Coleman created the club in 1903. They were inspired by visiting the annual session of the Southeastern Association […]

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Thu, 24.08.2023

Ghanian Love, Ghanian Critique, Ramzy Okyere

Ramzy Okyere is an African businessman and community advocate. In this segment, he shares his views on the Ghanaian community.

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New Poem Each Day

Poetry Corner

Ears have not heard Nor, Eyes have seen Such a man as Richard Green. He had great visions And used such tools When to build and tear down schools. He saw the importance of The benchmark... EARS HAVE NOT HEARD/NOR EYES HAVE SEEN. by Rosa Bogar.
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