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Sun, 27.12.2020

Gerald Early, Writer born

*Gerald Early was born on this date in 1952.  He is a Black essayist and American culture critic. Gerald Lyn Early was from Philadelphia, the son of Henry Early and Florence Fernandez Oglesby. His father was a baker and died when Early was nine months old, leaving his mother, a preschool teacher, to raise him […]

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Thu, 24.12.2020

Black Critique, Dr. Rose Brewer

Dr. Rose Brewer is the Chair of the University of Minnesota African American & African Studies Department. She shares a few constructive critiques of her Black community

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Thu, 24.12.2020

The White Hispanic community, a brief article

*The White Hispanic community is acknowledged on this date in 2000.  In the United States, they are an individual who self-identifies as white and of Hispanic descent and/or speaks the Spanish language natively. White Latino Americans are a broader category, including people of Brazilian descent, who predominantly speak Portuguese, in addition to Spanish-speaking populations.   […]

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Sun, 20.12.2020

Mocha Moms Inc. formed

*On this date in 1997, Mocha Moms, Inc. began.  They are a support group for non-white mothers who have chosen not to work full-time outside of the home in order to devote more time to their families and communities.  The first support group meeting was held in Cheverly, MD. There are now over 100 chapters […]

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Sun, 29.11.2020

The African American Shakespeare Company founded

*On this date 1994, (Shakespeare’s birthday) we celebrate the founding of the African American Shakespeare Company (AASC).  AASC is the only company of Black actors in the United States that perform European Classical works.  Located in San Francisco the company was founded by Sherri Young.   The Theatre company has expanded to include a full production […]

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Thu, 26.11.2020

The Canboulay Festival, a brief story

*On this date in 1838, the Canboulay Festival is affirmed.  This is a precursor to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. The festival is also where calypso music has its roots. It was originally a harvest festival, at which drums, singing, dancing and chanting were an integral part.  After Emancipation (1834), it developed into an outlet and […]

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Fri, 13.11.2020

My Desire for more Black Women and Girls

Racial Justice advocate April Baskins, shares her desires for Black women and girls

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Thu, 29.10.2020

The Americo-Liberian Community, a brief story

*Americo-Liberian community is affirmed on this date in 1820.  Called Congo people or Congau people in Liberian English are a Liberian ethnic group of African American, Afro Caribbean and Liberated African descent. This date was chosen as its alignment with the Mayflower of Liberia voyage to Liberia from the united states.  The sister ethnic group of Americo-Liberians are the Sierra Leone Creole people, who share similar ancestry […]

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Mon, 19.10.2020

Afrocubanismo, a brief article

*Afrocubanismo is affirmed on this date in 1920.  This was an artistic and social movement in Black-themed Cuban culture with origins in the 1920s, as in works by the cultural anthropologist Fernando Ortiz. The Afrocubanismo movement focused on establishing the legitimacy of Black identity in Cuban society, culture, and art. The movement developed in the […]

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Sun, 18.10.2020

Harlem’s African American Day Parade formed

*On this date in 1969, the first African American Day Parade in Harlem was held. Every September, this annual event celebrates with participants from at least 12 states as one of the largest African American parades in America. It begins in Harlem on West 110th Street and Lenox avenue and goes north along Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard (7th Ave.) ending at […]

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i can tell you about them i have shaken rivers out of my eyes i have waded eyelash deep have crossed rivers have shaken the water weed out of... HOW I GOT OVAH by Carolyn Rodgers.
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