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Sun, 02.10.2022

The Afro Venezuelan Community, a story

 *On this date in 1576, we celebrate Afro Venezuelans. This South American community is Venezuelans of African descent. Between 1576 and 1810, 100,000 Africans were kidnapped by Spain and transported across the Atlantic to Venezuela via the transatlantic Middle Passage. These enslaved people belonged to various ethnicities from present-day Angola, Senegal, Gambia, Benin, Nigeria, and the Congo, such […]

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Sat, 24.09.2022

Timbuktu (Mali) Africa, a story

*Timbuktu is celebrated on this date in 1100. Timbuktu is a city in Mali, Africa, the capital of the Tombouctou Region, one of the eight administrative regions of Mali. Timbuktu began as a seasonal settlement and became a permanent settlement early in the 12th century. After a shift in trading routes, particularly after the visit by Mansa […]

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Fri, 19.08.2022

The Wolof Language, a story

*The Wolof language is celebrated on this date in 1000. Wolof is a black African language of Senegal, Mauritania, and the Gambia, and the native language of the Wolof people. Like the neighboring languages Serer and Fula, it belongs to the Senegambian branch of the Niger-Congo language family. Unlike most other languages of the Niger-Congo family, Wolof is not […]

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Fri, 19.08.2022

The Madingo Language, a story

*The Mandingo language is celebrated on November 30, 1000. Also known as Mandinka, it is a Mande language spoken by the Mandinka people of Guinea, northern Guinea-Bissau, the Casamance region of Senegal, and the Gambia, where it is one of the principal languages. Mandinka belongs to the Manding branch of Mande and is like Bambara and Maninka/Malinké but with only five […]

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Fri, 19.08.2022

The Wolof Community, a story

*The Wolof people are celebrated on this date in c 800. They are a West African ethnic community in northwestern Senegal, the Gambia, and southwestern coastal Mauritania. They have a history that dates to the 8th century. Their early history is unclear. The Wolof belonged to the medieval era Wolof Empire of the Senegambia region. Details of the pre-Islamic religious […]

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Mon, 04.07.2022

The Nacirema Club Is Formed

*On this date in 1955, we celebrate the Nacirema Club. The Nacirema Club (its name “America” spelled backward) was a Black-owned association located at 3949 Fourth Avenue South in Minneapolis. Because of Jim Crow segregation, the Black culture needed its community mainstays and organizations. The Nacirema ran until 1987, with a membership of 600 in […]

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Mon, 06.06.2022

The Credjafawn Club is Formed

*On this date in 1927, the Credjafawn Club was formed. This was a social Black activist woman’s group formed in St’ Paul, Minnesota. An offspring of the cities Rondo community, ten young adults who sensed the lack of social activities for persons in their age bracket were its beginnings. “The name was devised from a letter […]

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Wed, 25.05.2022

Black History, and Cultural Appropriation, a story

*Black History and Cultural Appropriation is addressed on this date in 1865. Cultural appropriation is the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of a portion of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity. Cultural appropriation can be racially divisive when members of a dominant culture appropriate from smaller cultures. This dominant culture v […]

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Mon, 02.05.2022

The kikongo Language, a story

*The Kikongo language is celebrated on this date in 1500. The Kikongo language is one of the Bantu languages the Kongo people speak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, Angola, and Gabon. Often called Kongo, it is a tonal language. It was spoken by many who were enslaved people during the middle passage. For […]

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Sat, 26.02.2022

Black History and Stickball, a story

*The Black heritage and history of Stickball are celebrated on this date in 1920. Stickball is a street game related to baseball, usually formed as a pick-up game, in large cities in the Northeastern United States (especially New York City and Jersey City). The equipment consists of a broom handle and a rubber ball, typically a spaldeen, pensie […]

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New Poem Each Day

Poetry Corner

i went down to malcolmland me come back a man. me return with blackness drippin from my every breath. i went down to malcolmland unprepared but him gave me a grass... HALF BLACK, HALF BLACKER by Sterling Plumpp.
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