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Sat, 26.01.2019

Texas Public Schools update the cause of the Civil War to Slavery for learning

*On this date in 2018, the Texas Board of Education voted to change the way its students learn about the Civil War. Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, students will be taught that slavery played a “central role” in the war.  The state’s previous social studies standards listed three causes for the Civil War: sectionalism, states’ […]

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Sat, 12.01.2019

Rosanell Eaton, passion for education and public policy

*Rosanell Eaton was born on this date 1921.  She was an African American teacher and voting rights activist.  She was born on a farm outside Louisburg North Carolina, a granddaughter of slaves and the youngest of seven children. After her father died when she was 2, Eaton’s mother became a sharecropper.  In the early years of her life, Eaton farmed for […]

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Thu, 20.12.2018

E12 Experiences of Implicit Bias and Advice to Disarm Implicit Bias, Administrator, Stephanie Johnson

High School Social Worker Stephanie Johnson shares experiences of implicit bias and offer administrative advice to disarm implicit bias in schools

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Sat, 17.11.2018

Treasured Career Moments in Academia, Mahmoud El-Kati

Mahmoud El-Kati, historian, professor (retired) and author shares a few academic career moments that he’s proud of

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Sun, 07.10.2018

Higher Education, Public Policy and Racism, Dr. Duchess Harris

Dr. Duchess Harris, author, professor, lawyer and activist talks about higher educations complicity and politics’ intersectionality with racism

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Wed, 12.09.2018

Julia Bullard Nelson born

*Julia Bullard Nelsonwas born on this date in 1842.  She was a white educator, Freedman Bureau teacher and activist for inclusive education and a woman right to vote. Born in High Ridge, Connecticut, Bullard moved to Minnesota with her family in 1857. She earned a teaching degree at Hamline University around 1862 and then relocated […]

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Mon, 10.09.2018

Career Advice For Teaching Special Education, Kevin Ward

Veteran classroom teacher Kevin Ward shares his career advice for candidates aspiring to teach Special Education students

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Wed, 01.08.2018

James Loewen, writer born

*James Loewen was born on this date in 1942.  He is a white American sociologist, historian, and author.  James William Loewenwas born in Decatur, Illinois, to Winifred and David F. Loewen. His mother was a librarian and teacher, and his father was a medical director and doctor.  He was a graduate in 1960 from MacArthur High School in Decatur and was a National Merit […]

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Sat, 31.03.2018

Linda Brown, Topeka’s Daughter born

*Linda Brown Thompson was born on this date in 1943.  She was an African American activist, educational consultant, pianist, music teacher and public speaker. From Topeka, Kansas, Linda Brown was the oldest of three children born to Oliver and Leola Brown.  She graduated from Central High School in Springfield, Missouri and received certification in early […]

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Wed, 28.03.2018

Blanche Wilkins born

*Blanche Wilkins Williams was born on this date in 1876.  She was an African American teacher and disability advocate specializing in educating the deaf through intersectionality of self. From Lacrosse, WI., she was the daughter of Charles Wilkins and Estelle Griffin Wilkins who were both from North Carolina.  Wilkins was the first deaf black woman […]

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How it hurts a whole country arrested by progress, the gleaming manacles of modern transnational management mangling and mutilating the wrist of a youthful labor force. In the airport a... STILL LIFE, STEALING LIFE CAUGHT RED-HANDED by Kalamu ya Salaam.
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