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Sun, 27.09.2020

The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children opens

*On this date in 1921, the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children was formed.  The home opened in Halifax, Nova Scotia to accept Black children in need of care who, at the time, were not permitted in white institutions. A crowd of 3000 spectators, the largest gathering of Black Nova Scotians since 1783, celebrated the opening of the […]

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Mon, 21.09.2020

Rod Paige, Educator born

*Rod Paige was on born on this date in 1933.  He is a Black educator and administrator.  Roderick Raynor Paige was born in Monticello, Mississippi and is the son of public-school educators. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Jackson State University. He earned a master’s degree and a Doctor of Education degree in Physical Education […]

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Thu, 10.09.2020

Prezell Robinson born

*Prezell Robinson was born on this date in 1922.  He was a Black Administrator & Educator.  From Batesburg, South Carolina Prezell Russell Robinson graduated from Voorhees School and Junior College in Denmark, S.C., before earning a bachelor’s degree in economics and social science from Saint Augustine College. He earned master’s and doctoral degrees in rural […]

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Wed, 09.09.2020

Allegheny Institute Chartered

*On this date in 1849, the Allegheny Institute was chartered.  Along with the institute he included Mission Church, both north of Pittsburgh.   Charles Avery funded this school with the aim of offering elementary and advanced education to qualified Black students without regard to sex.  Both the racial and the coeducational features of the program […]

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Wed, 09.09.2020

Clara Adams, Educator born

*The birth of Clara Adams is marked on this date in 1933.  She was a Black educator, administrator, chemist and advocate for women’s equity.  From Baltimore, MD., Dr. Clara Isabel Adams was the daughter of William S. Adams Sr., a Bethlehem Steel Corp. longshoreman, and his wife, Mary Emma Cornish “Mimi” Adams, a domestic worker.  […]

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Mon, 31.08.2020

John Thompson, College Basketball Icon born

*John Thompson was born on this date in 1941. He was a Black basketball player and men’s college basketball coach.   John Robert Thompson Jr. was born and raised in Washington, D.C. As a child, his mother insisted on sending him to Catholic schools for the educational opportunities and academic challenges. At Archbishop Carroll High School, Thompson emerged as a […]

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Mon, 24.08.2020

Thomas W. Talley born

*Thomas W. Talley was born on this date in 1870.  He was a chemist, poetry collector and professor.  Thomas W. Talley was born in Shelbyville, Tennessee. He was one of eight children born to former slaves, Charles Washington and Lucinda Talley.  Talley attended public school for six years, followed by high school and college at […]

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Sat, 22.08.2020

Edward B. Henderson born

*Edwin Henderson was born on this date in 1883.  He was a Black educator, coach and pioneer of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).   Edwin Bancroft Henderson was born in southwest Washington, D.C. His father, William Henderson, was a day laborer and his mother Louisa taught him to read at an early age. He […]

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Sat, 15.08.2020

Violet Lewis born

*Violet Lewis was born on this date in 1897.  She was a Black businesswoman and educator.  Born Violet Harrison in Lima, Ohio, she was the daughter of William David Harrison and Eva Brown Harrison, the second child of six.  In 1915, Harrison graduated from Lima High School and enrolled in the secretarial program at Wilberforce […]

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Wed, 12.08.2020

Virginia University of Lynchburg founded

*The founding of Virginia University of Lynchburg (VUL) is celebrated on this date 1886.  VUL is a private, historically Black Christian University in Lynchburg, Virginia. The university currently offers instruction and degrees, primarily in religious studies, including a Doctor of Ministry program. The campus is a historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Virginia University of Lynchburg is […]

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Let them keep it whatever it is for whites only hides. And smiles. I was in the pale inn after the writs after the whores after the hilariously lonely convention men... AND I WAS NOT IMPROVED by Lerone Bennett, Jr.
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