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Thu, 02.01.2020

Black Voting Rights in Hastings, Minnesota, Heidi Langenfeld

Dakota County (Minnesota) historian Heidi Langenfeld shares early black voting rights history in Hastings, Minnesota

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Sat, 28.12.2019

The Boyd Carter Cemetery affirmed!

*The Boyd Carter Cemetery is affirmed On this date in 1750.  This cemetery (Boyd-Carter) of West Virginia is a burial site for persons enslaved who died working for the Dandridge family the largest white, slave-holding family in the county 1850-1860.   They maintained a farm all around the burying ground and the house they built still stands and is […]

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Fri, 06.12.2019

Nelson Mandela, Charmaine Jefferson

Charmaine Jefferson, attorney, retired ballerina and former director of the California African American Museum shares the meaning of her interaction with Nelson Mandela

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Wed, 20.11.2019

More Community Support of Black History Needed, Charles Blockson

Charles Blockson, historian, educator and collector shares a vision for greater community preservation of black history

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Sun, 27.10.2019

John Glover Jackson, Pan-Africanist born

*John Glover Jackson was born on this date in 1907. He was an African American Pan-Africanist historian, lecturer, teacher and writer.    Jackson was born in Aiken, South Carolina and raised Methodist.  At the age of 15 his family moved to Harlem, New York, where he enrolled in Stuyvesant High School. During this time, he became interested in African American history and culture […]

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Sun, 20.10.2019

Before Harlem or the Bronx, there was San Juan Hill

*On this date in 1880, San Juan Hill is celebrated on the Registry.  This was an African American, Afro-Caribbean, and Puerto Rican community in what is currently the Lincoln Square neighborhood of the Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York City. It was one of the largest Black communities in New York City before World War I.  San Juan Hill was bound by 59th Street to the south, West End Avenue to the west, 65th […]

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Fri, 18.10.2019


African American Registry partnered with the City of Minneapolis Division of Race and Equity’s ReCast MPLS, 2019 program. This affirmed racial disparities with responses to questions, assessments, testimonies, ideas and plans to address healing, reparations and reconciliation in the city.

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Fri, 20.09.2019

União dos Palmares founded

*The city of União dos Palmares was founded on this date in 1831.   Located in the Brazilian state of Alagoas, this city has a historic importance to African Brazilians. On a nearby hill was a mocambo or, in more recent terms, a Quilombo. These were centers of African slaves fleeing and resisting slavery. Known as the Quilombo dos Palmares this was the largest and most organized of the many […]

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Mon, 22.07.2019

Ethiopian Jewish Status in Israel, Capers Funnye

Rabbi Capers Funnye shares his views on the status of Ethiopian Jews in the Israeli community

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Fri, 12.07.2019

African and Native Intersectionality in the United States of America, Joseph Flores

Joseph Flores, Apache educator (retired) professor and counselor offers some historic points of intersectionality between African Americans and Native Americans

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New Poem Each Day

Poetry Corner

In a house of empty rooms, I thought I heard a door close down the long hall. I couldn’t know whether someone had entered, whether someone had left. No further step,... A CLOSING by May Miller
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