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Mon, 23.09.2019

My Favorite Book, A Second Career, Pam Grier

Actress, Author, Animal Advocate Pam Grier shares one of her favorite books and a second career

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Mon, 29.04.2019

John Singleton born

 *John Singleton was born on this date in 1968.  He was an African American Film director.   John Daniel Singleton was born in Los Angeles, the son of Sheila Ward-Johnson, a pharmaceutical company sales executive, and Danny Singleton, a real estate agent, mortgage broker, and financial planner.  He attended Blair High School, Pasadena City College and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He […]

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Sat, 23.03.2019

Evaristo Márquez born

*Evaristo Márquez was born on this date in 1939.  He was an Afro-Colombian actor and herdsman.    He was born in San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia, the first free African village in the Americas by decree from the King of Spain in 1731.  Before his involvement films he was a herdsman and illiterate.  He is best known for his role as José Dolores in the […]

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Sat, 09.03.2019

Willie Best, Actor born

*Willie Best was born on this date in 1916.  sometimes known as Sleep n’ Eat, he was an African American television and film actor. A native of Sunflower, Mississippi, William “Willie” Bestcame to Hollywood, California as a chauffeur for a vacationing white couple. He decided to stay in the region and began his performing career with a traveling show in southern California. He was regularly employed […]

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Thu, 10.05.2018

Acting For Stage vs Acting For Media, Lewis Whitlock

Lewis Whitlock, educator, choreographer, producer explains the differences in acting for stage vs acting for media

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Sun, 06.05.2018

Meghan Markle born

*Meghan Markle was born on this date in 1981.  She is an African American actress, model, humanitarian and The Duchess Of Sussex. Born in Los Angeles, CA; Rachel Meghan Markle”s father is white, and mother is black. Her mother, Doria Radlan, has a master’s degree in social work and is a psychotherapist and yoga instructor.  Her father, Thomas W. Markle is […]

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Mon, 23.04.2018

Treasured Moments in Video Film Production, Renato Payton

Film & Video Producer and Technician Renato Payton shares two treasured moments thus far in his career

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Wed, 27.12.2017

Earle Hyman born

*Earle Hyman was born on this date in 1926. He was an African and Native American stage and television actor. Born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina he is the son of son of Zachariah and Maria Lilly (maiden name, Plummer). His Native heritage included (Tuscarora, Haliwa-Saponi/Nottoway).  George Earle Hyman attended public schools in Brooklyn. The […]

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Wed, 13.12.2017


Ms. Sellu will guide you through our content and pedagogy with video narratives 🎥, podcast 🎧 and social media 📲content (this contains a lesson plans

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Mon, 30.10.2017

Lesson Plan, Making a Movie

This is a 5 step video and work page lesson plan on how to make a 🎥 movie

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New Poem Each Day

Poetry Corner

and yeah, brothers, while white/America sings about the unsink able molly brown (who was hustling the titanic when it went down) I sing to thee of Shine the stoker who was... I SING OF SHINE by Etheridge Knight.
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