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Sat, 19.09.2020

The Roseland Ballroom opens in NYC

*The opening of the Roseland Ballroom in New York occurred on this date in 1919.  This was a multipurpose hall, where Black singers and musicians performed.  Roseland was founded initially in Philadelphia in 1917 by Louis Brecker with financing by Frank Yuengling of the D. G. Yuengling & Son beer family.   In 1919, to escape […]

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Tue, 08.09.2020

Muriel Rahn, Vocalist born

*Muriel Rahn was born on this date in 1911.  She was a Black vocalist and actress.   Muriel Ellen Rahn was born in Boston in 1911, the daughter of Willie and Elizabeth “Bessie” Smith.  After her father died, she moved with her mother to New York City, where Bessie met and married Cornelius M. Battey, who […]

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Fri, 04.09.2020

Iverson Minter born

*Iverson Minter was born on this date in 1932.  Also known as Louisiana Red, he was a Black blues guitarist, harmonica player, and singer.  Born in Bessemer, Alabama, Minter lost his parents early in life; his mother died of pneumonia shortly after his birth, and his father was lynched by the Ku Klux Klan in […]

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Sat, 29.08.2020

Antonín Dvořák born

*Antonín Dvořák was born on this date in 1841.  He was a white-European Czech composer and advocate of American Black Spiritual Music. Antonín Leopold Dvořák was born in Nelahozeves, near Prague, in the Austrian Empire, and was the eldest son of František Dvořák and his wife, Anna, née Zdeňková.  František worked as an innkeeper, a professional player of […]

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Thu, 27.08.2020

Fatte Marble born

*Fatte Marble was born on this date in 1890.  He was a Black jazz pianist and composer.  Born in Paducah, Kentucky in 1890 Fate Marable learned piano from his mother Elizabeth Lillian (Wharton) Marable, a piano teacher. Fate had five siblings, including two brothers, Harold and James, and three sisters, Mabel, Juanita, and Neona.  At […]

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Wed, 26.08.2020

The Black Hawk Nightclub, a brief story

*The Black Hawk Nightclub is celebrated on this date in 1949.  This was a San Francisco nightspot that featured live jazz performances during its period of operation until 1963. It was located on the corner of Turk Street and Hyde Street in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. Guido Caccienti owned the club along with Johnny and Helen Noga.  The Black Hawk’s intimate atmosphere […]

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Wed, 26.08.2020

The Royal Theatre opens

*The Royal Theatre first opened on this date in 1922.   Located at 1329 Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland, it started as the Black-owned Douglass Theatre. It was the most famous theater along West Baltimore City’s Pennsylvania Avenue, one of a circuit of five such theaters for black entertainment in big cities. Its sister theaters were the Apollo in Harlem, the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C., […]

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Wed, 26.08.2020

The Earle Theatre opens

*This date in 1924, marks the opening of the Earle Theatre.  This venue was a 2768-seat theatre in Philadelphia, PA.  Located at 1046 Market Street, on the southeast corner of South 11th Street. It was a thriving venue for big band jazz music in the 1930s and 1940s.  At the time of construction in 1923, […]

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Mon, 24.08.2020

Thomas W. Talley born

*Thomas W. Talley was born on this date in 1870.  He was a chemist, poetry collector and professor.  Thomas W. Talley was born in Shelbyville, Tennessee. He was one of eight children born to former slaves, Charles Washington and Lucinda Talley.  Talley attended public school for six years, followed by high school and college at […]

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Sun, 23.08.2020

Olufela Sowande born

*Olufela Sowande was born on this date in 1905.  He was a Black Nigerian musician and composer.   Olufela (Fela) Obafunmilayo Sowande was born in Abeokuta, near Lagos, Nigeria; he was the son of Emmanuel Sowande, a priest and pioneer of Nigerian church music. As a child, he sang in the Choir of the Cathedral Church of Christ. […]

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Let them keep it whatever it is for whites only hides. And smiles. I was in the pale inn after the writs after the whores after the hilariously lonely convention men... AND I WAS NOT IMPROVED by Lerone Bennett, Jr.
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