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Sat, 12.09.2020

The American Baptist Missionary Union founded

*The American Baptist Missionary Union was founded on this date in 1814. It is a constituent board affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA. Their headquarters is in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States.  The Society was founded in 1814 as the Baptist Board for Foreign Missions by the Triennial Convention (now American Baptist Churches […]

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Tue, 25.08.2020

Leonard Grimes born

*Leonard Grimes was born on this date in 1815.  was a Black abolitionist and pastor.  Born a mulatto child in Leesburg, Virginia, Leonard Andrew Grimes grew up a free man. Yet, he witnessed the horrors of slavery in the South, and he devoted his life to assisting fugitive slaves and advocating abolitionism.After moving to Washington, […]

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Sat, 22.08.2020

Paschal Randolph born

*Paschal Randolph was born on this date in 1825.  He was a Black medical doctor, occultist, Spiritualist, trance medium, and writer.   Born and raised in New York City, Paschal Beverly Randolph was a free man of mixed-race.  His father was William Randolph and his mother, Flora Beverly, whom he later described as being of mixed English, French, German, Native American and Malagasy ancestry.  During his […]

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Tue, 18.08.2020

Andrew Bryan, Minister born

*The birth of Andrew Bryan is celebrated on this date in 1737.  He was a Black minister and Church administrator.  Andrew Bryan was born in the small town of Goose Creek, South Carolina. Bryan was born on a plantation called Brampton, owned by Jonathan Bryan. Brampton was known as a productive rice plantation. His father […]

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Wed, 12.08.2020

John Chilembwe born

*The birth of John Chilembwe is celebrated on this date in 1871.  He was a Black African minister, activist and educator.   John Chilembwe’s was born in Sangano, Chiradzulu District, in the south of what became Nyasaland.  His pre-baptismal name was Nkologo.  Chilembwe’s father was a Yao and his mother a Mang’anja slave, captured in warfare.  Chilembwe’s granddaughter stated that Chilembwe’s father may […]

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Wed, 12.08.2020

Robert Graetz born

*Robert Graetz was born this date in 1928.  He was a white-American Lutheran clergyman and activist.  Robert S. Graetz, of German descent, was born in Clarksburg, West Virginia, and educated in Columbus, Ohio.  He graduated from Capital University in Bexley, Ohio in 1950 and received a B.D. in 1955 from Evangelical Lutheran Theological Seminary in […]

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Mon, 10.08.2020

The First Congregational Church, Atlanta founded

*On this date in 1867, the First Congregational Church, Atlanta held it first service.  The First Congregational Church of Atlanta came into existence as a “gathered church”.  At first, The American Missionary Association established the Storrs School in Atlanta. The school served as a center for social services, education, and worship for newly freed Blacks. […]

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Thu, 06.08.2020

Dorothy Coates born

*Dorothy Coates was born on this date in 1928.  She was a Black gospel vocalist.  Born Dorothy McGriff in Birmingham, Alabama she was one of seven children of a minister.  She sang in local churches and started a family group, the Royal Gospel Singers, as a teenager.  Coates joined the Gospel Harmonettes, a well-known Birmingham […]

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Thu, 30.07.2020

Charles Sherrod born

*The birth of Charles Sherrod is celebrated on this date in 1937.  He is a Black activist, educator and minister.    Charles Sherrod was born in Surry, Virginia and was raised by his Baptist grandmother. When he was a young boy he sang in a choir and attended Sunday school at church. When he was older, he […]

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Sat, 18.07.2020

C. T. Vivian, Minister born

*C. T. Vivian was born on this date in 1924.  He was a Black minister, author, and activist.   Cordy Tindell Vivian was born in Boonville, Missouri.  As a small boy he migrated with his mother to Macomb, Illinois, where he attended Lincoln Grade School and Edison Junior High School. Vivian graduated from Macomb High […]

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