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Tue, 30.06.2020

A. D. Williams born

*On this date in 1863 A. D. Williams was born.  He was a Black minister, civil rights activist.  From Greene County, Georgia, Adam Daniel Williams was the son of a slave preacher Willis and his wife Lucretia Williams. He celebrated his birthday on the day after the effective date of the Emancipation Proclamation. He spent […]

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Thu, 25.06.2020

James Westley Hurse born

*James Wesley Hurse was born on this date in 1866.  He was a Black minister. Born in Colyerville, Tennessee, he spent his early years on a farm in nearby Mason, TN. He left home as a teenager and worked in Memphis at a variety of odd jobs before moving to Kansas City at the age […]

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Thu, 04.06.2020

The Tuskegee Choir formed

*On this date in 1884, we celebrate the Tuskegee Choir.  Beginning as a quartet, this group was sent out by Booker T. Washington for several years to “promote the interest of Tuskegee Institutes” by acquainting benevolent audiences to the school and his philosophy. The original quartet consisted of students Hiram H. Thweatt, John F. McLeMore, […]

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Sat, 30.05.2020

Thomas F. Mulledy born

*Thomas F. Mulledy was born on this date in 1794.  He was a white-American Catholic priest, administrator and slave owner.   From Virginia, Mulledy entered the Society of Jesus and was educated for the priesthood in Rome, before completing his education in the United States. He twice served as president of Georgetown College in Washington, D.C. At Georgetown, Mulledy undertook a significant building campaign, which […]

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Fri, 22.05.2020

Samuel Proctor born

*Samuel Proctor was born on this date in 1921.  He was a Black minister, educator, and humanitarian. Samuel DeWitt Proctor was born in Norfolk, Virginia.  Proctor’s grandparents on both sides had received education at the university level: his paternal grandmother had attended Hampton Institute, and both of his maternal grandparents had attended Norfolk Mission College. His parents, Herbert Proctor and Velma Hughes met […]

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Mon, 18.05.2020

Oba Adefunmi born

*Oba Efuntola Oseijeman Adelabu Adefunmi was born on this date in 1928.  was a Black priest (spiritual leader), historian and activist.   Born Walter Eugene King, he was from Detroit, Michigan. King had been baptized into at the age of 12. He left the Baptist faith at age 16 and grew up with an interest in African cultureand began African studies.  At the age of 20, King […]

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Mon, 18.05.2020

Martin Luther King Sr. born

*Martin Luther King Sr. was born on this date in 1899.  He was a Black Baptist pastor, missionary, and an early figure in the 20th century American Civil Rights Movement.   He was born Michael King in Stockbridge, Georgia, the son of Delia Linsey and James Albert King.  He was a member of the Baptist Church and decided to become a preacher after being inspired […]

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Sun, 10.05.2020

Charles Grandison Finney born

*On this date in 1792, Charles Grandison Finney was born.  He was white-American Presbyterian minister and abolitionist.   Born in Warren, Connecticut, Finney was the youngest of nine children. The son of farmers who moved to the upstate frontier of Jefferson County, New York, after the American Revolutionary War, Finney never attended college. His leadership abilities, musical skill, six-foot three-inch stature, and piercing eyes gained […]

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Thu, 16.04.2020

Rev. Glenn Settle born

*On this date in 1894, Glenn T. Settle was born.   He was a Black minister and choral director.   Born in Reidsville, North Carolina to Rubin and Mary Settle, Glenn Thomas Settle moved with his family to Uniontown, Pa. and attended public school. Settle then moved to Elyria, beginning his pastorate as assistant pastor of Mount Haven […]

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Thu, 09.04.2020

The A.M.E. Church Review published

*On this date 1841, the A.M.E. Church Review was published.  This is the journal of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and arguably the earliest published American Black journal. It publishes articles on religion, politics, history, and world events.  Originally named The A.M.E. Church Magazine, it was first published by the church’s general book steward, Rev. George Hogarth of Brooklyn, New York. It was intended to be […]

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I want me a home Man do you hear me I want me a home you understand. You done stood and let that cracker take my home Now I ... BLACK WOMAN THROWS A TANTRUM by Nayo Barbara Malcolm Watkins.
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