Street Team INNW

The Street TeamĀ® INNW is part of a growing group of programs created for young people. INNW is designed to build on the compatibility between scholarship, activism and civic engagement. Mainly through middle school youth; they work with professionals and elders to more effectively bond their differences and similarities to the world through media.  Our first INNW results are in the videos below!

Street Team Mount Zion Trailer
Phoebe and Verlena
Dani and Clifford
 David and Verlena

Street Team INNW

ST (INNW) stands for If Not Now When. It is a program where African American middle school youth and our elders connect with youth from other races, cultures and their elders in their community and preserve their experiences.

Features: Bonding people to recognize their value more and learn about others through video recorded dialogue.

Advantages: Bridging generational, community and racial gaps with honest Q&A and discussions creating relationships.

Benefits: ST INNW is an educational opportunity.

We instruct youth on how to improve their reading, writing and verbal skills. This is done through their research and preparation of their interviews and their presentations. They produce their story!

Purpose: The ST INNW project instructs youth!
1. Life/Leadership Skills,
2. Relationship Development,
3. Reading, Writing and Oral Presentation.

We would like to work with your community to create a Street Team INNW for you. For collaborative information contact our office, 612-822-6831 or email us at