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Voices That Guide Us

Voices That Guide Us (personal narratives):

Voices That Guide Us is an evolving and expanding collection of HD video narratives of black elders, professionals, and young people. It purposely includes other races that intersect with or are invested in our community. This repository was conceived in 2005 as a global learning tool of the American Black experience.

The purpose of Voices That Guide Us is to:

Convey the essential humanity of Black people through video

Offer a visual voice for views, advice, affirmations, and truths by us and about us

Enhance existing text articles in our website (primary or secondary resource)

Preserve the oral traditions that are the trademark of Black people

Spotlight un-stereotypical interpretations of who Black people are

Look, Listen & Learn
A Future Without Harm, Javon Shabazz
Career Advice in Chemical Dependency Administration, Dr. Peter Hayden
My Desire For More Black Women and Girls, Dr. Reatha Clark King
Childhood Memory of Racism in Brazil, Juliana Ramos
My Family History in America, David Mura

Javon Shabazz is an administrator and activist. In this segment he shares his vision for the black community without the harm of racism.

Activist / Abolitionist Culture
Stats: 11 Views

Dr. Peter Hayden is an administrator for family consumer services. In this segment, he shares career advice in social and family management.

Business Culture
Stats: 26 Views

Dr. Reatha Clark King is Educator, Chemist, Administrator. In this segment, she shares where and how she could see black women and girls extending themselves in the present and future.

Education Heritage
Stats: 42 Views

Juliana Ramos is an Afro Brazilian public policy advocate. In this segment, she shares an uncomfortable racial episode in a shopping mall

Culture Youth Views
Stats: 43 Views

David Mura is an author, literary critic, poet, and educator. In this segment he briefly shares part of his family history in America.

Stats: 82 Views