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Voices That Guide Us (personal narratives):

Voices That Guide Us is an evolving and expanding collection of HD video narratives of black elders, professionals and young people. It purposely includes other races that are invested in our community. This repository was conceived in 2005 as global learning tool of the American Black experience.

The purpose of Voices That Guide Us is to:

Convey the essential humanity of Black people through video

Offer a visual voice for views, advice, affirmations and truths by us and about us

Enhance existing text articles in our website (primary or secondary resource)

Preserve the oral traditions that are the trademark of Black people

Spotlight un-stereotypical interpretations of who Black people are

Look, Listen & Learn
Relating to American slavery today, Sandra Sabu’ Bakr
The Importance of Knowledge of Self, Titilayo Bideako
Buxton Iowa, a brief Story, Various Testimonies
Treasured career moments in Dance, Toni Pierce Sands
Racisms Power, or Not, Keb Mo

Sandra Sabu’ Bakr, shares her intersection with American slavery today

Stats: 10 Views

Titilayo Bideako, educator and administrator shares perspectives on why knowledge of self is important

Education Heritage
Stats: 89 Views

Buxton Iowa was a nearly all-Black mining town in Iowa after Reconstruction. In the 21st century, it’s talked about by relatives and locals

Episode Heritage
Stats: 99 Views

Dancer (retired), Instructor, Artistic Director and Arts Entrepreneur Toni Pierce Sands shares two treasured moments in dancing career

Theatre / The Arts
Stats: 115 Views

Grammy award winning musician, composer and singer Keb Mo shares some views on racism and spirituality

Activist / Abolitionist Music
Stats: 171 Views