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Thu, 14.12.2017

Search the Registry

Ms. Mann Hill begins the tutorial series with important content access information 👀

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Tue, 12.12.2017

Teacher’s Forum

Ms. Mann Hill will guide you through our Teacher’s Forum 🎓

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Tue, 28.11.2017


Mr. Terrell will talk about supporting the work of the Registry 💸🏦

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Tue, 31.10.2017

Lesson Plan, Leadership, Kindness, Playing

This video and work page shares 3rd grade and kindergarten views on leadership, ⏰kindness🙋🏿‍♂️and playing🏊🏾‍♂️

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Sun, 29.10.2017

Lesson Plan, Becoming a Surgeon

This is a 4 part Video and Work Page Lesson Plan on becoming a Surgeon👨🏿‍⚕️

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Sat, 28.10.2017

Lesson Plan, Birthday Link, and Pre-K Learners, Meg Thomas

This video shares using the birthday 🥳 of Pre-K learners and AAREG content. Meg Thomas explains how our diverse curriculum intersects any child through their special day. Reference its adjacent work plan file.

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Sat, 28.10.2017

Lesson Plan, Poetry with Pre-K Learners, Meg Thomas

This tutorial shares how poetry 📖 from AAREG helps Pre-K learners. Poetry and nursery rhymes are the same, and diversity balance the child’s global view. Please reference its adjacent work plan file.

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Fri, 27.10.2017

Lesson Plan, Pre-K, Thematic Ideas (Hero’s)

ECE and Human Behavior Specalist, Meg Thomas shares Thematic ideas focused on Hero’s. Pre-K students learn how diversity infused curriculum and instincts balance their world naturally. Reference its adjacent work plan file

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Thu, 26.10.2017

Lesson Plan, Educating Ideas for the Deaf Student

Minn. State Academy for the Deaf Dir. Anne Grace Danatucci shares treasured teaching & admin. moments, learning from students👩🏾‍🎓 and MSAD learning activities. This also features a lesson work page.

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Mon, 16.10.2017

Lesson Plan, Phonics Worksheet (STEM)

2nd grade teacher Rachel Okerlund explains the advantages Phonics and Sounds with diverse content for elementary students. Reference its adjacent work plan file.🩺🦠

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New Poem Each Day

Poetry Corner

Popsicle Cold Now that the story has moved out of the headlines the widow of the dead black hero stands alone at the public market purchasing polluted pork with government... POPSICLE COLD and CLAIRVOYANCE by Norman Jordan.
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