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Thu, 24.09.2009

UNTITLED (a commemoration of the blk/family) by Johari Amini.

We will be no generashuns to cum for blks r killing r-selves did u hear bros. Did you hear the killings did u hear the sounds of the killing the raping of the urgency of r soil consuming r own babies burned n the acid dri configurashuns of the cycles balancing did u hear. Did u hear.

Hear the sounds of the balancing & checking off checking off erasing r existence from the count of the cosmos while r mother moans for the loss of r funkshun & who we will never be did u hear bros. Hear.

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Thu, 24.09.2009

SIGNALS by Johari Amini.

Is yo eye so empty
in the moonlight of yo smoke
u cant see me waitin
for u to sway my way
sway fine & black & so cool
a swift swayin tree
swayin bendin down
& catchin me up into yo movement
pleasing u?
is yo eye so empty
in the moonlight of yo smoke
u cant see me waitin

O my man
our beginning will be
as beginnings be
total through all the sweet secretions
from your prime cause
and I will be a woman-fire
orbiting your night
and you will protect my burning softness
because you wont be
out of it when I need you…..
copyright 1972 by Johari Amini

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