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Thu, 24.09.2009


There were rules
like the man had to be darker
than the woman, her lightness making her
more desirable more a flower
to his earth and I wanted so
to be a flower….

Harriet Jacobs

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Thu, 24.09.2009

IT IS NOT JUST by Harriet Jacobs.

It is not just
the rain /no there is too much
magic in this day
flowers unfold their throats
to the sky & the air is splattered
with the scent of green & not just rain
no/ them hussy clouds sashayed over
spilling their bosoms in the face of the sun
& he split leaving a hole
where a sunset could be

and the quiet storm just a melody in smokey’s head
or a mythical place on a radio dial that wish
it was real as the dance of liquid
time steps glidin across my roof,
testifyin to recordlevels of hoodoo going down
on a day when the sun got hisself seduced

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I placed a flower on your grave today. I knew you were not there— but far away A fleecy white cloud floated Blotting out a million miles of mystery and blue. Perhaps in... TO A PAL by A. V. Hall.
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