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Thu, 24.09.2009

EDUCATION by Don L. Lee.

I had a good teacher,
He taught me everything I know
how to lie,
cheat, and how to strike the softest blow.
My teacher thought himself to be wise and right
He taught me things most people consider nice;
such as to pray,
smile, and how not to fight.
My teacher taught me other things too,
Things that I will be forever looking at;
how to berate,
segregate, and how to be inferior without hate.
My teacher’s wisdom forever grow,
He taught me things every child will know;
how to steal,
appeal, and accept most things against my will.
All these acts take as facts,
The mistake

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Thu, 24.09.2009

STEREO by Don L. Lee.

I can clear a beach or swimming pool without
touching water.
I can make a lunch counter become deserted
in less than an hour.
I can make property value drop by being seen
in a realtor’s tower.
I ALONE can make the word of God
have little or no meaning to many in Sunday’s morning prayer hour.
I have Power.


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