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Thu, 24.09.2009

AUTUMN GOD by Eugene Redmond.

On an Autumn day
I took a leaf,
Yellowing in its
Tenuous attachment
To the tree.

There were others,
But of no interest to me,
Since the one I held
Held itself a worm
Rushing to be free.

And cruelly,
With each attempt to flee,
I brought it back
To the center of the dead leaf.

Until at last, in seeming glee,
The worm struggled
To one corner
And in a jump
Was rid of me.

Undaunted, I stopped
To see
Where it dragged slowly
Along leaf after leaf;
‘Til it reached the trunk
of the tree
and turned.
Then again it was worm
And me.

Under my heel I crushed the vicio

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