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Thu, 24.09.2009

GET UP OFF YOUR KNEES by Clarence Williams

A trifling man came home one night
And tiptoed to his door
To his despair, his little wifie was there
Waitin’ to lay down the law

Said she, “I’m thru, I’m really sick of you
Get out, stay out, and be on your way”
Well he dropped down on his knees
Cried “oh, please”,
But this is all she had to say:

Get up, get up, off your knees papa
You can’t win me back that way
Turn in, turn in all your keys papa
You really goin’ this time to stay
I discovered that you’re the worst man in this town
Looks like you’re fond of keepin’ on going lower down
Get up, get up, off your knees papa

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