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Sat, 20.10.2018

Juan Williams born

*Juan Williams was born on this date in 1954. is a Black Panamanian American journalist, author and political analyst. Juan Antonio Williamswas born in Colón, Panama, to Akin Jules Williams and Sharon Williams, who were both Panamanian. When he was a child his family moved to America.  He graduated in 1972 from Oakwood Friends School in Poughkeepsie, New […]

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Fri, 03.08.2018

George F. Grant born

*George Grant was born on this date in 1847, he was a black inventor and dentist the first African American professor at Harvard. George Franklin Grant was born in Oswego, New York, to Phillis Pitt and Tudor Elanor Grant.  Grant entered the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in 1868 and graduated in 1870. He then took a position in the department of mechanical […]

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Wed, 18.07.2018

Bill Veeck and the Curt Flood Decision, Mike Veeck

Professional baseball owner Mike Veeck shares the factual story of his father’s support of Curt Floods quest for free agency

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Fri, 06.07.2018

Prince Honeycutt born

*Prince Honeycutt was born on this date in 1852.  He was a black barber and semi-pro baseball player. Prince Albert Honeycutt was born a slave in Tennessee. He ran away during the Civil War when he was 10 years old.   He joined a unit from the Union Army wanting to serve as a drummer boy, […]

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Fri, 08.06.2018

Kenneth Frazier born

*Kenneth Frazier was born on this date in 1954.  He is an African American business executive. Kenneth Carleton Frazieris from North Philadelphia, his father, Otis, was a janitor and his mother died when he was twelve years old. He attended Julia R. Masterman Schooland Northeast High School. After graduating at age 16, he entered Pennsylvania State University. To make extra money […]

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Sun, 27.05.2018

Viola Desmond born

*Viola Desmond was born on this date in 1914.  She was a Black Canadian businesswoman and activist. Viola Desmond (née Davis) was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, one of ten children of James Albert and Gwendoline Irene (née Johnson) Davis.  She grew up with parents who were active in the black community in Halifax.  As a […]

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Thu, 22.03.2018

Les Payne, a readers journalist

*Les Payne was born this date in 1941.  He was an African American journalist and editor. Leslie Payne was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and grew up in Hartford, Connecticut. According to DNA analysis, he was descended in part from people from the African country, Cameroon.  The first member of his family to attend college, Payne graduated from the University […]

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Wed, 31.01.2018

Donating More To Our Community, Cornell Moore

Corporate attorney Cornell L. Moore shares some reasons why it is important for us donate more to our community

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Sun, 07.01.2018

Simeon Booker, journalist born

*Simeon Booker was born on this date in 1918.  He was an African American journalist. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, he was the second of four children born to Simeon Saunders Booker, Sr. and his wife Roberta.  moved with his family to Youngstown, Ohio, when he was five years old where, his father opened a YMCA for blacks.  While a high school […]

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Thu, 04.01.2018

Essence Magazine is black owned again

*On this date in 2018, Essence magazine was purchased by Richelieu Dennis a black Liberian businessman.  By officially parted ways with Time Inc., it is a fully black-owned company for the first time in nearly two decades. Essence Ventures, a company launched last year by Sundial Brands co-founder Richelieu Dennis, announced that it had also acquired […]

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New Poem Each Day

Poetry Corner

My brothers I will not tell you what to love or not love I will only say to you that black women hove not been loved enough. I will say to... WE DO NOT LOVE OUR OWN by Haki R. Madhubuti.
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